Alkaline vs Acidic – Why You Should Care?

Alkaline vs Acidic – Why You Should Care?

Do you know why that question is so important? Your regular doctor will not ask you that question. So why should you care?

The bottom line is, disease THRIVES in an acidic state and is less likely to thrive in an alkaline state.

Your survival depends on your blood pH to be consistent. If you are more acidic, your body will  literally strip itself of  sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium just to establish balance, neutralize the over-abundance of acid, and safely remove it from the body! As a result, you may start to experience a build-up of acid in the cells, which then decreases energy production in those cells, which then leads to an inability of the body to repair damaged cells and detoxify heavy metals, and you become more susceptible to both chronic fatigue as well as an increased incidence of disease.

Have I got your attention?

ALL processed,prepackaged,preserved,long shelf life,refined,microwavable,takeaway, fast,dried, tinned,meat, dairy and frozen foods are ACIDIC such as cakes, chips,burgers, canned soup, granola bars, chocolate bars, pasta ice cream and bread

Look for PART 2 in this series for specific alkaline foods to choose.