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# 8 of 8 Everyday Chemicals That Could Be Messing with your Health – Nitrites

Pollution of drinking water supplies from the nitrogen and nitrates that seep out of fertilizers has been linked to reproductive problems, cancers, and spontaneous abortion. Based on the Rodale Institute’s Farming System Trial data, water leaching from chemical farms was more likely to exceed the legal limit for nitrate-nitrogen concentrations in drinking water compared to the organic systems.

Found in: Drinking water supplies in areas where chemical fertilizers are used heavily

Protect yourself: Check Environmental Working Group’s What’s in your water? tool if you drink municipal water. If you’re on well water, have an EPA-approved water-testing facility check for common well contaminants…nitrates is one of them.

To remove the nitrates in drinking water, you’ll need a home water-filter system that is certified to NSF 53, 58 or 62. For long-term protection, support organic farmers in your area to reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer and other toxic compounds washing away into streams and water supplies.



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