Easy Chicken & Cashew Stir Fry

Easy Chicken & Cashew Stir Fry

Easy Chicken & Cashew Stir Fry has broccoli snuck in there too! SHOPPING LIST Ingredients 1 small Onion, diced 1 Red Bell Pepper 4 cups Broccoli florets 1 lb chicken tenderloins  4 Tbs Coconut oil 1/2 cup Arrowroot flour 3/4 cup Raw Cashews YUMMY SAUCE 1/2 cup Coconut aminos 1/4 cup Maple syrup 1/4 cup […]

Oven Roasted Veggie Recipe

Oven Roasted Veggie Recipe is the easiest and most delicious  roasted veggie recipe I have ever made. The oil from the grilled  artichokes in jar give the veggies a delicious texture and flavor and the smoked paprika is yummy! A great way to get your veggies! My husband went back for seconds – and he […]

No Bake Protein Ball Recipe

No Bake Protein Ball Recipe

Healthy No Bake Peanut Butter Protein Balls No Bake Protein Ball Recipe is so easy! Protein balls are the best kind of healthy snack because they’re delicious, nutritious, convenient, and super easy to make. Kids love them too! 2 cups Protein Powder OR Rolled Oats  1 cup organic 100% peanut butter (or almond butter) 1 […]

Brussel Sprouts Salad Recipe

Brussels Sprout Salad Gives you a nutrient-dense dish with lots of Vitamin C and a delicious toasted hazelnut and pear dressing! Delicious for the whole family! Ingredients 1 cup (150 g) toasted hazelnuts, skins removed 2 pounds (908 g) brussel sprouts, trimmed cleaned 1 medium (200 g) honeycrisp apple, quartered, seeded ½ large winter squash […]

Chocolate Cake Recipe

This chocolate cake recipe is gluten-free and delicious. It is quick, easy and has great ingredients that support health. Chocolate Cake Recipe Ingredients Garbanzo Beans A rich source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, chickpeas may offer a variety of health benefits, such as improving digestion, aiding weight management and reducing the risk of several diseases. […]

Easy Egg Muffin Recipe

Easy Egg Muffin recipe is the BEST quick and easy grab-and-go breakfast or snack. I am currently in LOVE with making these healthy veggie egg muffins!  So much flavor yet so few ingredients. You can pop these wholesome muffins into the microwave and reheat them whenever you need a fast, filling breakfast or snack. This […]

Healthy Snacking Ideas – PODCAST

Snacking while working at home can be tricky when we are so close to the refrigerator all the time. Here are my Top Ten Healthy Snack ideas To get you started, CLICK HERE for  video about Low Glycemic Snacking My Top Ten Snacks Hummus with Veggies: Two tablespoons of hummus with cut-up crunchy veggies. A […]

Perfect Air Fryer Salmon Recipe

  Perfect Air Fryer Salmon Perfect Air Fryer Salmon Recipe is so easy and it is actually better than any other ways I have cooked salmon. Salmon has been on the menu a lot more since I started making it this way. The air fryer locks in the juices as it cooks and rewards you […]

Easy Roasted Cabbage Steak Recipe

My Easy Roasted cabbage steak recipe is amazing! I could not believe how quick, easy and delicious these roasted cabbage steaks are. I am always looking for creative vegetable dishes to enjoy and even my husband loved this one! HEALTHY INGREDIENTS Green Cabbage Olive Oil Garlic Salt Paprika Himalayan Sea Salt Red Pepper Flakes (Optional) […]