The “NEW” Truth About Aging

The “NEW” truth about aging is about throwing out old stereotypes! AARP Second Half of Life Study: In collaboration with National Geographic Partners shows that older Americans are redefining their health, defying challenges and living with purpose “Happiness in older age isn’t about wealth, beauty, or any of the other standards typically associated with youth-driven pop […]

Mental Health Tips for Stressful Times

Over the past several days, the situation in Ukraine 🇺🇦 has escalated into war and many of us are feeling anxious, sad, fearful and angry. In this special episode of The Dr Karen Health Show, I share what I am doing to build mental resilience in these times of stress. Mental Health Tips for Stressful […]

How to Create a Self-Care Checklist

How to create  a Self-Care Checklist might be the single most important thing you can do for yourself. There’s nothing selfish about escaping into a self-care checklist to seek your center. Caring for yourself is what it sounds like—committing the time and space to melt away your daily stresses and focus on you. Standing up […]

20 Ways to Practice Self-Care in Under 20 Minutes

20  Ways to Practice Self-Care in Under 20 Minutes is designed to inspire you to find ways to incorporate self-care into your hectic routine. Do you  wish you had more time to yourself, but your busy schedule doesn’t usually allow for it? It is important to care for ourselves using the little time we have. […]

What Is Your Resilience Story? – The Secret Power of Stress PODCAST EPISODE 2

What is your  resilience story? We all have challenges that shape our character and help us grow. The past few months have tested our resilience. I believe we are hardwired to not only recover from adversity, but also grow and transform. In this Podcast I talk about sharing your Resilience Story. I have completed Joel […]

Resilience and Thriving – The Secret Power of Stress PODCAST EPISODE 1

A tool in transforming stress into strength is our understanding of different levels of pain and happiness. Each of us tends to have a “set point”. What Is A Set Point? In reference to happiness, we all have a “set point” for the expected amount of joy, happiness or pain and anguish and we tend […]

Top 10 Easy Ways to Calm Stress

Why Your Body Could Be Resisting Weight Loss

Top 10 easy ways to calm stress. What I have learned from all my years of training in medicine and nutrition is that learning ways to calm stress is the #1 health habit to practice. Stress itself is not bad. We need it to get going in our day and take action. It is the […]