The unsweetened facts about brain chemistry & cravings

The unsweetened facts about brain chemistry & cravings

A Guide for Lasting Weight Loss and Optimal health

We are a hungry nation.

Many people view cravings as weaknesses, when in reality I believe they are important messages meant to help us maintain balance.

Cravings are the body’s solution to underlying imbalances, and food becomes a kind of medicine to regulate our current inner state.

Sugar addiction is implicated in so many behaviors and emotional issues (i.e. depression, anxiety, mood/eating disorders, obesity, diabetes, and other addictions).

In this eBook I am providing Chapter One of my book

Brain Chemistry and Cravings

Balancing Blood Sugar as a Key Ingredient in Brain Chemistry

Serotonin- What It Is

How Food Affects Serotonin Levels

Recommended Reading

Natural Ways to Boost Serotonin

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