Lab Tests You Need To Know About

Lab Tests You Need To Know About

As an Holistic Health coach, I like to educate and empower my clients to “know their numbers”.

Just as you know your blood pressure and cholesterol, there are lab tests that give you the best insight into your overall health and are often not tested.

For example, with blood sugar problems, if you catch it at a stage when you’ve got high-normal blood sugar or even low-normal (pre-diabetic numbers) it’s going to be far easier to intervene and there’s a potential to reverse it.

Many of us may know our weight or our last blood pressure reading, but most of us do now know our fasting insulin, our vitamin D levels, or what type of cholesterol we have (i.e. the good type/quality or bad type/quality). Testing your blood gives you insight into the most important laboratory – your own body.

This E-book is filled with info on the role of ….

Biomarkers and what they mean

Lab Tests to ask your doctor about

Inflammation Markers

Glucose Regulation and Metabolism

Advanced Lipid Markers

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