The Mouth Body Connection – PODCAST

The Mouth Body Connection has seen a huge shift in understanding the link between mouth health and body health. Dr Karen Wolfe answers two questions – How can the health of our mouth affect our body ? Why are the simple habits of daily brushing and flossing more important than we might think? Your Mouth, […]

PART 2 – Oral Wellness 101 – Your Daily Prevention Guide

Don’t smoke Reduce both the quantity and the frequency of sugar intake. Snacks and drinks should be free of sugars (other than natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables). Sugar-containing foods should be consumed with meals. ideally followed by brushing. Even fruit juices can cause tooth erosion in children. Eat a low glycemic diet Reduce […]

Dr Karen’s Top Ten Tips to Keep Your Lungs Healthy

Do you ever think about keeping your lungs healthy? “The lungs are very durable if they’re not attacked from the outside,” says Norman H. Edelman, M.D., chief medical officer of the American Lung Association (ALA). With a few exceptions, your lungs don’t get into trouble unless you get them into trouble, he says. That is […]

Do Graphic Images Change Behavior?

Do  graphic images  change behavior?  I took this photo last week  of a cigarette pack in Australia. Canada was the first to introduce picture warnings in 2001. Graphic images are now used on tobacco products sold in over 23 countries including Brazil, Canada. India, New Zealand, Singapore, Venezuela, Thailand and Uruguay. As of 2013, all cigarette packets […]