A Boost for Your Mental Health – PODCAST

A Boost for Your Mental Health In this episode I hold space for all the different emotions at this time to co- exist. It is Mental Health Awareness Month so let’s shine a light on how we are feeling ! Our emotional and physical health are inextricably linked. Whether we’re happy or sad, our bodies […]

Diabesity and Sugar Addiction

Diabesity and sugar addiction go hand in hand. Diabesity is the inflammation that happens from high glycemic foods and it is describes a  spectrum  all the way from mild insulin resistance to full-blown diabetes. The answer is  diet and lifestyle choices that support your unique genetic susceptibilities. Want to hear other episodes? Subscribe to my […]

Do You Know About The Healing Power of Pets?

Do you know pets have healing power? Such as Lower blood pressure less risk of heart disease reduced anxiety The number of scientifically proven health benefits of pet ownership is rising faster than the number of chew toys strewn around your house. These health pluses aren’t just the result of the extra exercise you get […]

Is Plant- Based Eating Going Mainstream?

Several Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers in California, doctors, nurses, and other staff are learning about plant-powered eating so they can pass along the information to their patients. Some of the medical staff are even adopting plant-powered diets long-term.