Do You Know the Top 9 Food Allergens?

Do You Know the Top 9 Food Allergens?

Almost 90% of all serious food allergies are caused by just a few foods. These foods are often ingredients in other foods, so avoiding them requires diligence, including careful label reading and other measures. Even then, there may be times when exposures happen unknowingly. This blog covers some of the foods and products you’ll need […]

Can Owning A Dog Help Your Microbiome?

Our bodies contain around eight million genes. Yet only about 0.3 percent are human. The rest come from your microbiome — the sum total of genes from the numerous microbes (mostly bacteria, but also viruses, yeasts and fungi) that coat your skin, mouths, gut lining – just about everything. And any number of lifestyle factors […]

Allergies Gone Wild – PART 3 – Tips for Adding Dirt to Your Diet

You can help your child’s immunity build up the natural resistance it needs by: Allow your kids to play outside and get dirty.  Simple soap and water is all you need when washing your hands. Avoid unnecessary antibiotics, Serving locally grown or organic meats that do not contain antibiotics visit your local farmer’s market to help […]

Allergies Gone Wild – PART 1

My husband and I have both had food sensitivity testing done and I was shocked at the results! Asthma, hay fever, eczema, food allergies, lupus, multiple sclerosis and other immune- mediated afflictions are all on the rise. According to some estimates, allergies and diseases of the immune system have doubled, tripled or even quadrupled in […]