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Is Your Lifestyle Killing You?
The 8 Simple Steps for Lasting Weight Loss and Optimal Health
By Dr Karen Wolfe, MBBS, MA


The Healthy Lifestyle Solution was developed by Dr. Karen Wolfe as a science –based breakthrough program for weight loss (with a side effect of disease prevention) that does not require deprivation. Dr. Wolfe uses this in her coaching work with clients and has had great success. Until we understand the whole truth about obesity and weight gain, we will never solve the obesity epidemic. The Lifestyle plan presents an eight step plan that succeeds where other weight management programs fail because it identifies the psychological, physical and lifestyle causes of weight problems – such as the powerful role of brain biochemistry in food cravings – and offers a solution for each. You can change your body, and your life.

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Dr. Karen Wolfe is an Australian physician with a mission wanting to facilitate a “creating health” movement. She believes that Western medicine is only a small part of the solution to health care and is a leading voice to discern how to use the massive amounts information in the field of nutrition, stress and functional medicine. Be sure to check my event calendar for upcoming events near you!

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