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Are Your Hidden Food Allergies Making you Sick (and fat)?

ALCAT TESTjpgI was writing a section about inflammation for my  book today and I felt compelled to write about my recent experience with food sensitivity. On researching the topic I found that foods as common as tomatoes and corn and bread can trigger cravings and lead to over eating and other physical symptoms. My husband and I had blood testing done for food sensitivity and it was amazing how many foods showed up! Steve was found to be gluten sensitive and his digestive issues have really improved since he has followed a low gluten diet

Common symptoms of food sensitivity include

· fatigue

  • · gastrointestinal problems, including bloating and gas
  • · itchy skin and skin rashes like eczema
  • · brain fog
  • · muscle or joint aches
  • · headache
  • · sleeplessness
  • · chronic rhinitis (runny nose), congestion, and postnasal drip



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