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Dr Karen’s 4 Week Sugar Buster Boot Camp

Based on the book “Is Your Lifestyle Killing You? – The 8 Simple Steps for Lasting Weight Loss and Optimal Health”

  • Understand the underlying causes of almost any chronic condition.
  • Navigate the disparity between western healthcare and true wellness
  • Begin your own path to health and happiness
  • How to monitor your blood sugar for brain health

“I believe most major illness in developed countries is directly related to lifestyle. Therefore, I can think of no better medicine than that of a change in lifestyle.”
-Dr Karen Wolfe

Are you ready to feel great again?

Join me on this NEW guided 4 week journey that will turn your health (and your life) around. When our health is compromised, so is our happiness. Many people get caught up in fad diets. For every fad diet there is an equally faddish exercise contraption. We often fall into the cycle of diet and deprivation. It doesn’t work! In 28 days you’ll have an entirely new lifestyle that you enjoy, and you’ll be on the path to the healthy body that you want.

The 4 Week Sugar Buster Boot Camp is for anyone who wants to

  • Come to peace with the diet and exercise roller coaster
  • Learn a lifestyle that enables and promotes wellness
  • Reduce sugar cravings so you crave healthy food
  • Recalibrate your digestive system to function like a well-oiled machine
  • Learn portion control
  • Boost your immune system
  • Learn how to make easy delicious food
  • Receive personal coaching from Dr Karen
  • Receive ongoing support for your lifestyle changes
  • Release weight
  • Sleep like a baby while your body detoxes

The beginning of a journey brings excitement and a little fear.
Look into the future and see a new you.
This plan works!

Energy increased without caffeine…

I decided to hit the Reset button on my health and I joined the Sugar Buster Bootcamp led by Dr. Karen Wolfe. I committed to the 4-week program and I haven’t looked back. I am now enjoying the benefits of a low glycemic lifestyle!  I have released 19 pounds, brain fog, mood swings, cravings, afternoon naps, and stabilized my blood sugar.
-Kay Hilde, Artist

My Son Lost 50 Pounds…

I have a 17-year-old son who was very overweight. When I found these products he was in rehab from a torn ACL so could do very little cardio, but was working with a personal trainer and hadn’t lost a pound. Nine months later, drinking a shake EVERY day and taking his vitamins and supplements, he has lost over 50 pounds, is in great shape, and looks and feels fabulous.
-Robert, Chiropractic Physician

Cravings are gone…

The shakes and bars along with the supplements are the best things. I don’t have my cravings anymore because I am not spiking my blood sugar. My energy is back and I am on target with my weight loss. Ordering from the web site is very easy. Thanks for all you help now and in the future.
-Cheryl, USA

You will get…

  • Educational Modules
  • Is Your Lifestyle Killing You? – The 8 Simple Steps for Lasting Weight Loss and Optimal Health EBOOK
  • A private phone session to get you set up for success
  • Two group calls in the first week and then weekly calls with Dr Karen with specific topics to keep you on track
  • Sugar Buster Boot Camp Survival Kit *(see below)
  • Menu plans
  • Delicious, quick and easy recipes
  • Meal plans based on gluten free, dairy free
  • Karen’s Kitchen videos for easy kitchen tips
  • Educational videos and downloads
  • Daily motivation, encouragement through the Facebook group
  • Private Facebook group access so you are supported on the move to keep you motivated.
  • Access to our supportive community of participants to connect with like-minded new friends. Our community also includes over a dozen health coaches to chime in on your questions and provide additional motivation.


Each of these items adds to the success of your Boot Camp. . .

  1. Is Your Lifestyle Killing You?  E-BOOK
  2. Sugar Buster Boot Camp Guidebook
  3. A private phone session to get you set up for success
  4. Menu plans with options for whole foods, gluten free or dairy free
  5. Clean Eating Recipe Book with delicious, quick and easy recipes
  6. Weekly support from Dr. Karen & the Sugar Buster Coaches Two group calls in the first week and then weekly calls with Dr Karen with specific topics to keep you on track
  7. Karen’s Kitchen videos for healthy and simple kitchen tips
  8. Educational videos and downloads to access at any time
  9. Access to our supportive community of participants to connect with like-minded new friends. Our community also includes over a dozen health coaches to chime in on your questions and provide additional motivation.
  10. 5 Recorded Educational Modules by Dr Karen to expand your sugar busting skills and lifestyle
  11. Pharmaceutical grade cellular nutrition from USANA Health Sciences:
    • 28 servings of our high-quality protein smoothie drink
    • 28 day supply of the #1 rated multivitamin in North America
    • 28 single serve packets of USANA Probiotic, stable a room temperature and dairy free



  • Lifestyle Risk Assessment to assess how your lifestyle factors impact your health
  • Dr. Karen’s Top Ten Low Glycemic Snacks
  • Shopping List to prep for Boot Camp

Hot flashes are gone…

I am down approximately 12 lbs as of today. I was having hot flashes prior to the carb cleanse. I am no longer having them. My periods had stopped in November and I starting having hot flashes in January. Thank you.
-Jenna,  Master Certified Health Education Specialist

No Longer Taking Medications for Diabetes…

I started my lifestyle change weighing 388 pounds, diabetic, and hypertensive. I have lost 125 pounds and 12 inches off my waist in the first year. The pain in my knees is almost gone but I can now walk and exercise. My energy level has significantly improved. I was exhausted just walking before I started this life changing program. My A1C have been normal for the past 6 months and I have reduced my medications by half. My blood pressure has stabilized. I look forward to an active retirement.

Update 2 Years Later – I just wanted to let you know that I continue to maintain my weight loss within plus minus 7 pounds. Better still I no longer take Metformin for my diabetes. My A1C and blood sugars have all been normal!
-Al, USA

Ongoing support empowered this single mom. . .

I was surprised in five days I lost four pounds and reduced my sugar cravings. The Sugar Buster Boot Camp calls helped me recognize what I was doing wrong and easy ways to make adjustments that fit my busy lifestyle. I still use the knowledge I learned from the calls to empower me when I want to give up. I‘m still learning.

Today I am proud to uncover the physical body I knew awaited me along with an open mind that I am the creator of my destiny. As a single mom sometimes it can be tough but the alternative feels worse. I MAKE time to move my body and have an abundance of energy. I teach my daughter the importance of eating healthy to keep us strong and healthy.
-Jennifer B, USA


We begin with a 7 Day My Smart Start! You will learn about insulin resistance and low glycemic eating. The first 7 days is a structured program to get you taking the right actions. We have 2 group calls during this time and these are designed to support you intensely this first week so you reset your body and its sugar response. Most people release weight during this time and most importantly, start to see food differently and learn about low glycemic eating.


Real wellness is about everything we put into our bodies. This includes our thoughts and emotions. To make lasting lifestyle changes we need to address the effects of stress. Once you have completed the first seven days, you will learn start to focus on reading food labels and eating all the low-glycemic veggies you want. We also cover how to find the solid, reputable nutritional supplement manufacturers that formulate supplements based on scientific research and who buy the best raw materials and pay independent labs to make sure their products meet label claims and contain no contaminants.


Understanding Digestion and Detoxification is a key component of overall wellness. Research has found that our esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and colon have a big say in how our minds and bodies function and how happy we feel. This will be a strong educational module. We will be clearing the way by boosting digestion, enhancing absorption and eliminating toxic food and drink.


Now that you have 3 weeks of experience, we start to talk about sleep and physical activity and how these impact your overall wellness goals. We will discuss how losing out on sleep can create a viscous cycle in your body, making you more prone to various factors contributing to weight gain. We also cover the important topic of the role of physical activity in overall wellness.

The FOOD PLAN of this personalized SUGAR BUSTER BOOT CAMP has the following incredible benefits:

  • Focus on high-quality, complete proteins
  • Clean, pure ingredients
  • Beneficial fats
  • Beneficial macronutrients balance
  • Low-glycemic impact
  • Not genetically engineered
  • No trans fat
  • Excellent sources of fiber
  • Limitless ability to personalize

In 28 days you’ll have an entirely new lifestyle that you enjoy, and you’ll be on the path to the healthy body that you want.

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