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Is Your Dog Overweight?

retriever-canine-pet-animal-56012Did you know that one of every four pets is overweight?

Do you know how to tell if your pet is overweight? If you rub your hand under your pet’s hair and along his or her sides and can’t feel the ribs, your pet likely has a weight problem.

Unfortunately, many pet owners—even those with portly or obese dogs and cats—think their pet’s weight is normal. This extra weight hurts your pet’s joints.

Here are some key facts about weight loss in pets

  • One of every four pets is overweight.
  • If an underlying health problem is causing your pet’s weight gain, make specific nutritional changes according to your pet’s condition.
  • Labrador Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, Cairn Terriers, Westies, and Scottish Terriers are some of the dog breeds prone to obesity.

I have a Westie and here is what my vet told me. I was  feeding her more than  she needs for her target weight. I took a month to gradually reduce the amount. Sometimes it helps to use a smaller cup. Or, you might use the measuring cup you’ve always used and remove a spoonful and place it back in the bag. After a week, remove two spoonfuls. Proceed until your pet is losing weight.

Put the proper amount of food in the bowl, leave it for 20 minutes, and then pick it up. Feed again in the evening.

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