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Find out about hidden food allergies

 Hidden food allergies and food sensitivities can trigger cravings. Did you know that if you have wheat gluten or milk allergies and you eat wheat or dairy products, it can reduce blood flow to the brain and decrease your judgment?…

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Secrets to my great salads

I love salads and I have to say I make GREAT salads. Everyone loves them! The secret is in part the salad dressing which is : Balsamic Vinegar with Olive Oil and crushed garlic. I put everything in my salads…

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What is Gluten?

This week, Food Sensitivity testing showed that one of my family members is  "moderately" sensitive to gluten so we are going on a 2 month trial of gluten-free eating. So you,  (my community) ,get to go along the ride with us! I will…

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