Your Lab Work. On Your Terms.

Order lab testing at discounted prices – savings of 50 – 80%

Are you frustrated by the cost of laboratory tests?

Do you hesitate to have testing done because of the price?

I am delighted to be able to offer you direct to lab testing. I am so thankful to Dr Alan Hopkins, MD for providing this resource that I can share with you!

Using my link costs you nothing. You receive discounted labs (at 50-80% less than you would elsewhere) in a safe, confidential and convenient way, and a small percentage goes to my work as a health coach.

If you would like to order your own labs, you can use my custom links below.

Please note – I am not an MD and I cannot receive lab results from the lab, read or interpret labs or diagnose or treat any medical condition.

What I CAN do is share with you Dr Hopkins optimal functional ranges for labs, guide you to helpful resources to understand your labs, share with you helpful food, lifestyle and supplements you may want to consider based on your lab results and share any potential concerns you may want to investigate further or discuss with your doctor.

Here are some of the baseline functional biomarker tests I recommend for my coaching clients:

  • Sugar Metabolism Screening

    – Fasting Insulin, Fasting Glucose and Hemoglobin A1c

  • Inflammatory Markers

    – High-sensitivity CRP and Homocysteine

  • Nutrient Panel

    – Vitamin D and Magnesium

I believe strongly that when you understand your advanced biomarkers and can access them on your terms; you become a motivated participant in your health. Active participation drives better health outcomes.

Because I am working with a doctor that has national contracts, I am able to offer discount lab pricing directly to you for a 50-80% savings. Unfortunately, even with insurance, many consumers have very large deductibles and have to pay out of pocket for their labs. Additionally, there are numerous advanced biomarkers we offer that are not covered by insurance. Our program offers you significant savings on your terms.