“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― Richard Buckminster Fuller

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We are bombarded with information about “healthy eating,” but we suffer from higher rates of obesity and chronic disease than ever before. We are told one year to avoid fat and the next to avoid carbohydrates. It is enough to make anyone distrust nutritional advice altogether, particularly anything that claims that “food is medicine.” When used correctly, food can be the most powerful medicine.  Unfortunately, some foods can also be poisons. I never learned about this in medical school, but now I am fascinated to understand as much as I can about the role of food in creating health!

Consider the  following facts:

  1. 90% of the average American’s grocery bill is spent on processed foods.
  2. There are brain-cell-killing, addiction forming, and otherwise dangerous toxins hidden in some of your favorite foods.
  3. More than 3,000 food additives — preservatives, flavorings, colors, and other ingredients — are added to U.S. foods.
  4. The food we eat sends signals to our genome which can create changes  in our gut bacteria and affect autism and Alzheimer’s Disease
  5. Studies now show that, in spite of their zero-calorie status, many artificial sweeteners actually cause weight GAIN because they can stimulate your body to crave carbohydrates and can set off the same hormonal response as eating real sugar.
  6. 70% of migraine sufferers may have a gluten sensitivity
  7. The number of our gut bacteria outnumber the total number of cells we have by 10:1 and these bacteria have  their own DNA which play a huge role in dictating our health and risk for illness
  8. Our blood sugar level affects our memory center
  9. Lifestyle factors play a fundamental  role in our brain’s destiny
  10. We can grow back new brain cells with aerobic exercise

…and THAT is just the tip of the iceberg

I will continue to explore this new model of Functional Wellness and share resources with you as I learn them!