Waiting Too Long to have breakfast

So many people tell me they don’t have breakfast. They may be in a mad rush to get out the door in the morning or just don’t feel hungry. I am here to tell you that waiting until 10 a.m. results in flagging energy later in the day AND can result in eating more the rest of the day. Your brain runs on glucose, which dips if you haven’t eaten in awhile, making you feel foggy, less equipped to deal with stress, and more likely to cave when cravings strike. You’ll actually burn more calories by having breakfast first thing.

Interestingly, studies show that kids who skip breakfast are tardy and absent from school more often than children who eat it on a regular basis. In general, kids and teens who eat breakfast have more energy, do better in school, and eat healthier throughout the day. Without it, people can get irritable, restless, and tired. So make time for breakfast — for you and your kids! Eating any type  has been shown in observational studies to raise the IQ scores of young children. Eating a healthy breakfast can enhance memory, attention, processing speed, reasoning, creativity, learning and verbal abilities in both children and adults, possibly because of the effect breakfast has on maintaining even blood-glucose levels; eating breakfast within two hours of waking can affect the way the body balances glucose and insulin for the rest of the day, while skipping breakfast may set up the body for dips and spikes in blood sugar, according to Consumer Reports. Skipping breakfast can also make a person overly hungry, which can increase hormones that promote overeating during the rest of the day. Most people who skip a healthy breakfast have a hard time meeting daily nutritional requirements. A healthy breakfast is one that is high in protein, low in sugar and carbohydrates, and that contains fruit or vegetables

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