The Courage of Glen Campbell in concert at age 75 with Alzheimers

I had a wonderful experience last night at Lake Mission Viejo when I witnessed a full range of emotions while watching Glen Campbell in his “GOODBYE TOUR”. At age 75 he left a memory and a deep sense of courage that I will never forget. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease six months ago and at times during the concert he forgot some words and even walked off the stage thinking the concert was over. Yet, his guitar playing was superb and his joy was palpable and his voice was amazing!

He had four of his children in his band and they called him “dad” many times and I kept imagining what it might be like for them to know that their time playing with this amazing man is limited as his disease progresses. The love and respect that was expressed to him from his children is a great role model of respect for those that have paved the path before us.

He has a new album coming out at the end of August and a FAREWELL TOUR. If you get a chance to be in his presence and witness his courage, talent and joy, I can’t say enough how amazing it is!

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