Brenda Finally Reclaimed Her Body

Brenda Finally Reclaimed Her Body

Brenda finally reclaimed her body after her struggle with her weight. As a 35 year fitness professional, a major aspect of Brenda’s work has been to facilitate various weight management programs. Her focus has been on behavior change which was used to be about controlling calories in and calories out.  Professionally, she did not support diets because diets do not work unless one changes an attitude and maintains consistent healthy behaviors.

It had been a struggle for me to figure out how I could lose the extra 15 or so pounds that seemed to be a result of menopause and aging. I had maintained my avid focus on daily exercise. My dietary habits were not perfect, but they were essentially healthy. Yet, I could not seem to get the weight off.”

Now she has found her “new normal” with ” The Sugar Buster Program”

How Brenda Finally Reclaimed Her Body

Brenda Finally Reclaimed Her Body

“In July, 2009, I gave a gift to myself and did Dr. Karen‘s program during the week of my birthday and the results were unbelievable. It has been 10 years and I have maintained my 30 pounds weight loss and I am amazed at how easy it is to maintain this lifestyle. I have finally reclaimed my body.  Dr. Karen had promised that certain healthy things would happen and they did.  My body did tell me what it needed; my carbohydrate cravings were reduced; and I felt different. Now in 2019 I am amazed how my life has changed.”

10 Years Later and Still Going Strong

“Now in 2019 I am thrilled in how my life has changed. This program is truly amazing and it helps to balance your body in such a unique way different from any other that I am aware of. The combination of education, personal coaching and the scientifically based program  is untouched by any other organization that I am aware of. “

I am very grateful that I was able to personally experience this program where I have reaped so many long – term benefits from increased energy, improved sleep, less inflammation, quicker recovery from surgery and such a gift of feeling terrific. It is truly a wonderful opportunity. I am still taking the supplements and a daily breakfast shake Monday through Friday and off on weekends is my program.” I must add that I play pickleball and racquetball 3-4 times a week plus walking, cycling, strength training and kayaking.

To learn more about the program Brenda followed to reclaim her body CLICK HERE

Sugar Detox Series PODCAST – PART 1

Sugar is fattening! When you consume excess sugar that your body can’t use it is then turned into fat by the body. Sugar can cause hormonal changes, mood swings, sleep disturbances, inflammation and much more! New studies show that excess sugar has major effects on the brain. We also know sugar is addictive. The more you eat it the more you want it. Sugar is known to creep in places where you may not expect. Canned foods, boxed products and processed foods are often loaded with hidden sugars. Dr Karen describes her Sugar Buster Program that kisses the cravings goodbye, reduces inflammation, improves mood and sets you on a low glycemic lifestyle.

This is PART 1 in a 3 PART PODCAST SERIES. To learn more about Dr Karen’s Sugar Buster Program CLICK HERE.


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How to Kick Your Sugar Addiction

13Tonight I am presenting my DAY 3 Teleclass of my October Sugar Buster Group. I hold these groups every month and the Wednesday call is my favorite call because we talk about the science of Sugar Addiction and how we came to be addicted to this powerful white powder! Many people think it is just about willpower, but they are so wrong (and probably have never had an issue with sugar!)

The problem that arises in coping with sugar addiction is that sugar is in so many common foods now, it’s practically impossible to cut it out completely. You can’t eat a sandwich without getting sugar from the bread or the mayo. You can’t eat a salad without getting sugar from the dressing.

Beating sugar addiction may seem like a hopeless battle, but just like any drug addiction, you have to have a structured plan to win the war. I make no claims that it will be an easy battle. Here are 2 tips I will be sharing tonight.

TIP # 1  Eat protein with breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you know why? Breakfast is the meal that will make or break you for the rest of the day. Your first meal must create blood sugar stability that will carry you to the next meal without sugar cravings.

TIP # 2  Eat protein with every meal. As soon as your blood sugar is thrown out of whack, you will be off the wagon again. Eating protein with each meal prepares your body for the increase of serotonin production and keeps your blood sugar stable throughout the day.

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