My New Year Success Promise

dream-bigI don’t set New Year Resolutions. They seem short term solutions that are easy to break. Instead, I go quiet for a while and reflect on the VALUES I want my life to represent and then live by these values.

If there was a core value system I live by it is represented by these few words..

Dream Big, Work Hard, Stay Focused and surround yourself with good people.”

We all have unique gifts and talents and I am so blessed to be able to support individuals to tap authentically into their own highest potential and  inspire others to tap into theirs…thus creating a ripple effect of  inspirational conscious commerce and change. (We are really doing a disservice to the world if we don’t share our unique gifts.)

I recommend checking out the book The Big Leap: Conquering Your Hidden Fear + Taking Your Life To The Next Level. In the book there is an ultimate success  mantra which is an affirmation to remind us that our success contributes to other people being happy too.

“I expand in abundance, success and love every day as I inspire others to do the same.”

A few ways we block our own potential:

  • Not acting on creative inspiration
  • Overeating, overdrinking, overdrugging, numbing out
  • Negative self-talk
  • Listening to + believing negative talk from others
  • Letting overwhelm stop us from even starting something

Because being your best self is awesome.

How I Make Money with Purpose

SANOVIV 6It is my own personal growth journey to share with you how I make money with purpose. It is personal growth because I have a reluctance to talk about money and also to share my business model . The business model happens to be called Conscious Network Marketing. Oops….I said it. It was hard, but I said it.

I can honestly say that many people’s current perception(and my previous perception) of Network Marketing is outdated and misinformed. It is simply a win/win marketing model that uses genuine communication, authentic listening, and the core desire to improve peoples’ lives to build a thriving business and team members who feel inspired, empowered, and connected. I absolutely LOVE it!

Team Northrup was my vehicle to adjust my entire perception of the Network Marketing industry. The core values of the community called Team Northrup are Community, Authenticity, Service, Support, Gratitude, Passion, Purpose, Abundance, and Connection.

Let’s face it, the network marketing industry gets a bad rap from time to time. Team Northrup’s wellness entrepreneurs are deeply committed to changing how this industry is seen and practiced. We’ve experienced first-hand how positively our work can impact peoples’ lives.

If you would like to connect with me and learn more about how this business model can support you and your goals, CLICK HERE.

What’s Your Story?

My story is my message. The major AHA I received this morning was about AUTHENTIC BRANDING! I presented a pre conference workshop this weekend on WHOLEHEARTED LEADERSHIP and the word AUTHENTIC has been a very important value for me. Then I find this amazing video that speaks to the importance of building trust through storytelling. People what to know what you BELIEVE.