Easter Reflections – A Heartbeat at A Time

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, it is such a special time of year. Spring in the Northern Hemisphere brings new life from Nature. At a time in our world, where there seems to be such anger and fighting for who is right and making other cultures or religions wrong, I choose a different path.

I choose to see the gift of life.

In the last few months I have witnessed the loss of two amazing young men. Both amazing athletes in the best shape of their lives. Taken too soon by totally unexpected and unimaginable medical tragedies. The loss of young life reminds me how precious, and how short each of our lives are.

Easter for me, is to remember each day as a new gift.

On the physical plane, Easter offers chocolate and eggs and egg hunts and baskets full of candy. What a beautiful metaphor for the sweetness of life and birth of new ideas, new ways of caring and overflowing good we can be in the world.

Speaking of doing good in the world. Let me share the Easter story that will be my prayer for today.

If you know anything about baseball, you probably know the name Rod Carew. He is now 71 years old and a Hall of Fame baseball player. An 18- time All-Star and 1977 American League most valuable player. Rod Carew was gifted the heart of one of those young men who recently died tragically. That young man was 29 year old Konrad Reuland. A tight end in the NFL. It was the heart of a young man who did so much good in the world in his short life. My thoughts today go to Konrad’s family and the gift of his life that keeps making a difference.

May this be the sweetest Easter ever! Count your friends, your eggs and your blessings.

Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter and candy go hand in hand. So, here are some ideas for a lower candy Easter and equally as fun! May your Easter be the sweetest one yet.  If you celebrate Easter, I hope you celebrate with your favorite people. Count your eggs, your friends, and your blessings.

Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas  – Themed Baskets

  1. Movie theme filled with a throw blanket, a movie,healthy snack bar
  2. Gardening theme filled with seed packets, gardening tools, a sun hat, sunglasses, and gardening gloves.
  3. Fishing theme filled with bait, hooks, weights, an extra roll of fishing line, and a bag of sunflower seeds.
  4. Relaxation theme filled with bath salts, lotions, gourmet chocolate, and a gift card for a massage.
  5. Sports theme filled with sports memorabilia, a bottle of soda, a baseball cap with the person’s favorite team on the front, and a TV schedule of all their favorite games.
  6. Health theme filled with healthy snacks such as , nuts, and, as well as a workout towel, personalized towel and a water bottle.

What to Use For  Basket Fillers

  • Flower petals.
  • Glass beads.
  • Plastic Easter grass.
  • Raffia.
  • A new scarf.
  • Fabric that is ripped to shreds.
  • A new shirt.

What To Put In Adults’ Easter Baskets

  • Sunglasses.
  • New coffee mugs.
  • Cooking spices.
  • Gift cards.
  • Cash.
  • Tasty teas.
  • Home decorations.
  • Bath salts.
  • Lotion.
  • A bottle of wine and wine glasses.
  • Movies or music.