Landmark Moments in Our Life

There are many landmark moments in our lives.  We get married and have a baby, a child graduates or a grandchild is born. At landmark moments we have a realization; a moment when we know that our life is turning here.  Inside ourselves there is a moment when we know this is so good–to be alive.  Mary Morrissey

This week is one of those for me. My beautiful daughter is starting college out of state in Minnesota! Last week was full of goodbyes for her and of course  meta-physically it was goodbye to a phase of her life….and mine! Intellectually I know my job is to set her free to have experiences and life adventures, yet it is not easy for me to let her go.

So I am practicing letting go with love and knowing love is not determined by distance!  I will enjoy hearing about what she is doing and new friends she has made and of course visiting Minnesota!

I will let you know how it goes! I am sure many of you have faced this same  situation and I  would love to hear how you rode through this wave of change!

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