Is Stress Making You Fat? – How to Break the Stress-Fat Connection and Reclaim Your Energy

It’s a fact: stress makes you fat. Chronically elevated levels of stress hormones not only stimulate appetite but also encourage intra-abdominal fat storage that can lead to serious illness. How you respond to stress determines your appetite, body composition and overall fitness level. Dr Wolfe teaches you how to re-balance your mind and body resulting in lasting changes in your total state of being.

Natural Prozac: Secrets to Releasing Your Body’s Own Antidepressants

Evidence shows the costly toll modern living takes on our health. Irregular sleep patterns, a sedentary lifestyle, even the air we breathe are all factors in the depletion of the brain chemicals. This presentation gives an understanding of the lifestyle factors that can release the brains natural antidepressants.

Listening to the Female Heart – The Whole Truth About Women and Heart Health

It’s more important than ever before for women to listen to their hearts, and learn that body-wise, heart disease in women shows up differently than in men. In addition, there is truly a connection between matters of the heart and the heart muscle. Dr. Wolfe goes into the unique aspects of heart disease in women – understanding, avoiding and surviving it – as well as the emotional and spiritual aspects. She reveals the research that tells us the powerful role family, friends, faith and forgiveness play in our health and healing, and gives us tools for thriving, not just surviving.

Top Ten Tips for Successful Aging : The Antioxidant Advantage

What determines how well we age? How can we maintain optimal physical and mental strength throughout later life? Rather than looking at aging in terms of expected disease and decline, Dr. Wolfe explores the life-affirming role of nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, productive work, self-care and service to others.

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