Biceps Curls for Everyone

I love to do biceps curls. I know it seems crazy, but I love to feel strong and feel like I am building muscle! I also love to use the resistance bands as they can go anywhere we go. Gone are the days of carrying weights around!! The full extension of the arms is something that made a big difference when I was instructed to do that from Ray at Boot Camp! So go get some resistance bands and build those biceps!

The Meaning of Mother’s Day – Video Blog

The “metaphysical” meaning of Mother’s Day is to celebrate giving birth to what you desire to create in the world. I love this meaning because I truly believe we are all here to “give birth” to our true “calling”. I created a video today on my reflections of the true meaning of Mother’s Day. I hope you enjoy it I am a novice at “Video Blogging” . This is my first one….so today I give birth to my very first Video Blog (that was recorded by my daughter Kelsey)