Leadership from the Inside Out – PART 2

B is for BELIEF. A key ingredient for success is belief in yourself. I believe we are all amazing spiritual beings that are capable of more than we can imagine with our conscious mind. I have to lift myself to higher levels of thinking and remove nay feelings of self doubt or not deserving.

C is for the CONSISTENT DAILY ACTION it takes to build my business. I cannot not stress enough about “taking action” and how taking action is one of the most important keys to my success. Every day I do something different than the day before to get different results.

So here are some ABC’s of Success coaching questions for you
1. What will you do to shift your thinking from what is not working to what could be open to you?
2. What beliefs do you have about how successful you can be?
3. What self limiting beliefs do you have?
4. Are you taking daily action toward your business?
5. What are you doing to build and encourage your “dream team”

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Leadership from the Inside Out – PART 1

My Australian background brings me the gift of thinking about things in basic terms and not making things complicated. I created this model I call the ABC’s of Success and hope it will resonate with you.

A is for ATTITUDE and the lesson I have learned is that I become what I think about most of the time. To reach these higher levels of myself I have to have a singleness of purpose and really believe that it is possible.

Sometimes when I find myself doubting or in fear, I physically do something different and find a way to shift my thinking to higher levels of possibility. I start my day with a vigorous workout and that shifts me into a high vibration of possibility thinking.

When I do not exercise, I feel more stagnant in my thinking and energy. Since what we think about grows, I am constantly checking in to see if my thoughts are in an upward spiral of possibility or of a downward spiral of what isn’t working and low energy. I weave in and out of these two places.

The important thing is that I am noticing it and choose to shift myself. My leadership team is studying the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks and we use the language now of how we “upper limit” ourselves.

What the clues in your life that you are experiencing an upper limit? Leave a comment below.