A Healthy Meal in Minutes

A healthy meal in minutes is possible! Here is my go-to quickest and easiest meal. It is full of nutrients, low glycemic and loads of fiber. Anyone can do this. No more packaged meals are needed when you can make a health meal as quick as this!

All you need is a mixture of vegetables




Then add Spagetti Squash and Quinoa you cooked ahead of time and there it is!

Want Gluten Free Snack Ideas?

Want gluten free snack ideas? Snacking is the hardest part of my food plan. Following a gluten free food plan means  I have to be prepared, so I always have these snacks ready.

I also LOVE my new USANA  gluten free nutrition snack bars called Peanutty Bliss, Choco Chip and Fudge Delite. CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM