Best Audience: Anyone who feels lost in the work/life divide and wants to break the struggle and learn how to develop a personal strategy to integrate work and life seamlessly.

Summary: 80% of the Fortune 500 companies rank work-life balance as one of the most important workplace attributes—second only to compensation. They found that employees who feel they have good work-life balance work 21% harder than those who don’t.

Amid the long days of work and erratic scheduling, it’s difficult to find time balance it all.

Yet, when you focus less on balance and more on integration, you’re not balancing and struggling; you’re finding creative ways to bring life and work together. It’s an easier, less exhausting, more fun, and generally more authentic way to live. Dr Karen Wolfe, an Australian Physician, wellness coach and author teaches you how to integrate your whole self to the table – in life, business and family.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Learn how to build a better business through living a better life.
  • Develop a personal strategy to integrate work and life.
  • Create an action plan to celebrate the Small Wins that can help build momentum to achieve bigger goals.
  • Learn how to reach your goals without pushing harder.
  • Format: Keynote; 60 Minute Presentation, 1/2 Day Training Seminar and full day workshop

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